USEMCO Vac-U-Prime pump stations arrive at your site ready to mount on top of your concrete, steel or fiberglass wet well. The pumps out of the wet well and clean making them easy to access and maintain.

Stainless steel bases with split covers and steel bases with easy lift assist flip covers available.

Recessed Stations for applications that exceed vacuum priming limits are also available.

Walk in buildings with generators or without generators are also available.


  • Acoustic Sensor for priming
  • Insulated Textured Cover
  • 2” Low Pressure Priming
  • 3” Diameter Sphere Passing
  • 3.5” Volute Clean Out Access
  • U.L. Rated System Package
  • Superior Shaft Strength
  • Sleeved Shaft
  • Class F Insulation
  • Factory Assembled & Tested
  • Single Source Warranty


  • No maintenance required on sensor
  • Protects equipment from temperature extremes
  • Provides positive lubrication for the seal
  • Excellent solids handling capabilities
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Third party verification of quality
  • Minimal shaft deflection .002
  • Sleeve replacement is less costly than shaft if a seal fails
  • Twice the life of class B insulation
  • Assurance of operating to specification
  • USEMCO is the only call you make for warranty