Reduce Risk with Smart Compartment Design

USEMCO’s Arc Flash control system utilizes a free-standing outdoor or indoor enclosure with NFPA70E separate compartment design. These segmented and interlocked compartments for motor starters and transformers isolate voltages and provide increased protection by reducing the risk of injury from potential arc flash. The low voltage control compartment is always accessible and uses only finger-safe components.

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NEMA 3R Type 304 Stainless Steel free standing outdoor enclosure & UPA Power alert to indicate voltage present.

Interlocked Compartmental power segmentation & cable management system.

Isolated service entrance rated main breaker or fused manual transfer switch with door interlock mechanism.

Flanged disconnect handles cabled to circuit breaker enclosure.

USEMCO Arc Flash System reduces Arc Flash injury and risk. OSHA guidelines and PPE protection rules should always be followed when testing or trouble shooting the equipment