Cut Away

  • 4′-12′ diameters up to 40′ in length.
  • 32 mils coal tar epoxy
  • Guide Rails and Base Elbows installed at factory
  • Will work with any submersible pump
  • Flexible to fit your needs

Will a USEMCO Submersible Pump Station fit your needs? Of course it will, because each Submersible Pump Station is built to your specifications. You choose the capacity, pumps, level controls (Float or Transducer) and valves.

Quick Delivery and easy installation

Forget everything you’ve ever known about long lead time and expensive on-site assembly…Your USEMCO Submersible Pump Station can ship in 6 to 8 weeks after you place your order. It is fully assembled and tested by our technicians before shipment. Conventional pump stations  require your excavation site be open for weeks. With the USEMCO Submersible Pump Station, that time can easily be cut to one or two days. Your USEMCO pump station arrives in one piece and is ready to go to work upon arrival to your job site. You’ll save time and money!

Sole Source Warranty
The USEMCO Warranty offers the best protection available today – the USEMCO Submersible Pump Station is guaranteed  against exterior leaks or exterior rust-through. Plus, you have the added security of USEMCO as a single source warrantor for all the vital components of your pump station; valves, pump, hatches and control panels.


  • An anti-flotation plate anchors the USEMCO Submersible Pump Station securely when conditions don’t allow a concrete pad.
  • Lightweight aluminum hatches with positive lock-open device.
  • A discharge outlet well below the frost line means you never worry about freezing.
  • The integral valve chamber is self-draining for easy maintenance.
  • 2 Year Warranty against leaks or rust-through.

You Choose

  • Capacity
  • Duplex or triplex pump chamber
  • Float or submersible transducer level controls
  • Optional emergency bypass piping