Submersible Large Diaphragm Sensors
Submersible large Diaphragm Low Pressure Sensors reliably monitor liquid levels over factory calibrated ranges and produce 4 – 20 mA signals proportional to the sensed depth.

Moisture Sensor
A moisture sensing relay installed in the panel for interfacing with moisture probe in pump motor. When the moisture probe senses the presence of moisture in the oil seal chamber indicating seal chamber indicating seal failure, the relay is energized and activates a light mounted on the inner door.

A solid state alternating relay to automatically alternate the starting sequence of the pumps on each pumping cycle, thus assuring equal operating time and wear on each pump. Contact Rating: 10 amps @ 120 V.A.C.

Circuit Breaker
Thermal magnetic interrupting device that offers motor protection against high fault current from the utility power line.
fig.1- 230v – 2 or 3 pole
fig.2- 480v – 3 pole

Condensation Heater
A 100 watt thermostatically controlled strip heater mounted in the panel for retardation of condensation and to prevent freezing of electrical components.

General Purpose Relay
The general purpose relay is used as a switching device to perform a logic sequencing function.

IEC Contactor
Horsepower rated for 500,000 mechanical operations

Intrinsically Safe Relay
The low current isolated switches are used to provide intrinsically safe switching levels in hazardous environments. This solid state design reduces the current so it is incapable of releasing sufficient energy to ignite explosive gases in the wet well.

NEMA Rated Starter
NEMA rated for ten million mechanical operations

Narrow Angle Float Switches

  • Reliable steel tube mercury switch design
  • Replaces air bubble systems, diaphragm switches & electrode systems
  • Maximum dependability
  • Designed for over one million operations
  • Most economical