The Aquafer is USEMCO’s below ground water booster pump station that is designed for continuous human occupancy and is not classified as a confined space for routine entry. We build a wide commercial grade stairway entrance for easy entry into the station from ground level  eliminating old style ladder entry.

Below grade solve the issues of appearance, exterior maintenance and vandalism.

The interior is well lit and totally climate controlled with heat, powered ventilation, and dehumidifiers that provides the suitable environment for operators and today’s VFD controls.

Valve selections are varied and determined by the design conditions. Flow metering is available utilizing turbine, propeller, or magnetic models.

Control systems may utilize telemetry, tank level controls, pressure switches, or PLC’s with pressure transmitters and /or flow sensors.

Piping is fusion-bonded epoxy interior with an epoxy coated exterior.

Pump selections include end suction; split case, multi-stage or turbines.

Our design makes maintenance easy  with bridge cranes, monorail and service tubes for equipment handling and removal.