USEMCO’s custom built utility buildings are delivered fully assembled, equipped and ready to set on the concrete slab at your location. These buildings are superior to any prefabricated structure on the market today. The 4-inch thick R-30 insulated galvalume panel construction for roof and walls provide a durable energy efficient structure with a ten-year warranty. Built to IBC specifications, it can also be designed to meet state, modular, or local building codes. USEMCO buildings can be used for controls, pumping equipment, valves and metering, chemical feed, generators, UV treatment, and many other purposes.

Exterior appearances are virtually unlimited, enabling the building to fit into your architectural, commercial or residential setting. The interior walls are coated with a white baked polyester finish that will not delaminate. This is impervious to moisture and designed to withstand a high pressure wash down.

Typical building sizes range 14’ (wide) X 40’ (long) X 12’ (high), however smaller and larger structures are available depending on location and access to the site. Buildings that exceed transportation dimensions can shipped in modules and assembled at your jobsite with USEMCO personnel.

Building Exterior Examples
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