The one piece station arrives completely assembled with piping, valves, hatch and custom control panel that will work with any pump.

Piping, valves, hatch, and control panel mounted on base

Double door access with three point latch on both sides

An above ground valve and control station for new and retrofit submersible lift station. The PumpMate will work with any submersible pump. This one piece unit saves substantial time and money compared to the traditional below grade vaults and stand alone control panel. The low profile above grade double door enclosure is heated and protects the control panel, piping, valves, and drives.


  • Eliminates concrete valve vault
  • Eliminates access door for valve vault
  • Eliminates external panel mounting
  • Eliminates wiring control panel to wet well
  • Completely assembled with sole source warranty


  • All Components Above Ground
  • Quick Delivery
  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Low Cost

Pumping Station Features

  • Cast reinforced concrete base
  • Optional colors and coatings for base.

  • Fiberglass encapsulated foam insulated equipment enclosure (R 7.5).
  • Two insulated oversize hinged doors for access to piping and controls.
  • Integral aluminum hatch for access to wet well and pump removal.
  • JIB crane socket provided to facilitate pump removal.
  • Fits wet well sizes 4′ through 8′ [pad required for larger diameters].
  • Available in 2″, 3″, 4″ or 6″ piping assemblies.
  • Full bodied flanged check valves and lever operated plug valves.
  • Optional emergency bypass pump piping available.
  • “SENTRY” controller with submersible transducer and back up floats option.
  • NEMA 1 stainless steel U.L. 508 control panel standard up to 25 horsepower.
  • Thermostatically controlled wall heater and ventilation fan.
  • Custom options available upon request.
  • Station weight, approx. weight 6500 Lbs.

You unload and place directly on top of the wet well

8″ thick reinforced concrete base

Bases for 8’ diameter wet wells

Heater and exhaust fan mounted to wall

1/2″ thick aluminum connection plate sealed and gasketed with chord grips and seal tights

Third door option for automatic transfer switch or VFD’s

Bypass pumping option with valve and quick connect

Flow meter option

Large diameter piping applications

Buildings with generators

Custom exteriors