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Illinois–American Water Company Belleville Water Project

When Illinois–American Water Company needed a large booster station to meet contractual deadlines they selected USEMCO as their supplier. This project required one 300 HP and two 150HP Aurora vertically mounted split case pumps controlled by Variable Frequency Drives. The entire system is enclosed in a modular structure with an insulation rating of R30, aggregate siding, and a sloped roof that has three access hatches for pump removal. The size of the station was 15’10” wide x 43’ long and 15’6” high. The total skid length is 52’ including the attached 350KW generator for emergency power back up. The total unit weighed in at 90,000lbs.

The station was shipped totally assembled and the tractor / trailer total length was 135 feet. With USEMCO’s factory testing this station only required external piping & power connections and the owners telemetry panel to be fully operational for immediate online service.