The pump stations for Kiryas Joel New York required complex engineering with a critical delivery time to provide water to this New York municipality. The pair of two-story station has three (3) Peerless vertical turbine 150 HP pumps with provisions for a fourth to be added later. Space is allowed for a future upgrade to 300HP for all of the pumps. An 18 pulse VFD operates the pumps and maintains constant discharge pressure.

Each structure was 15.5 feet wide by 50 foot long. The bottom unit contained an 8,000-gallon ASME pressure vessel manufactured by USEMCO, turbine cans, piping headers and valves. The above grade structure mounted to it contained the MCC’s, pumps and valving.

To fit the astatic of the area a gambrel roof and matching exterior was installed in the field.

USEMCO’s unique manufacturing capabilities allow for the mechanical components to be assembled on an open base which is then enclosed with a one-piece shell. This method ensures the highest quality control and speed of assembly because the base is not enclosed allowing complete access and clearance to all components.

The base for the second story building was prefitted at the factory with the pump barrels to the below grade unit ensuring easy assembly in the field.

This project was originally designed as a field-built structure with a cost estimate in excess of 7 million dollars and an 18-24 month build time.  USEMCO was able to provide the station for millions less than built in place and delivered the first station 5 months after receipt of order and completed delivery of the entire project  8months from receipt of order.